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Cute little stickers

Excellent product 👌 👏

100% official product ✨️
Just same as shown 🤌
Delivery timing is so perfect 🥰 💞
I personally recommend it to every kpop stan💖

Ncts Rainbow Holographic PCs Review

The quality is super slayyy >>>>>>
and I really love all of them !!! The surface is also very glossy hehe !!

Just Loved it!!the quality was superb...satisfied


First time orderd an album, was kinda nervous but I am realy satisfied with the purchase 🥰

Great 👍🏻

It was totally worth buying 😊🥹💜 loved it 👍🏻

Amazing quality and service

the photocards i ordered were all in amazing shape and the quality was also very good. they delivered it on time and i was able to easily track my order as well.


I loved the quality and the design of your books, so cute. Will surely order more from you Insha Allah. Kudos to your business growth. 🎉

Jimin album face invisible version

I really live it. Well packed and arrived safely. Delivery was little late but its OK 😊

Seventeen seasons greeting book

I received the parcel and the quality is good and I love it so much

Cute Bookcase

I really love the book. Its cute as well as if good quality.

Great Quality

Sleeves are if great quality and I love it.


Hello thepenguinpal, I love the pcs and specially the packing style it was good and cute, I hope I'll shop you again, thank you!😍💜


The quality is AMAZING and the size is just perfect for putting in my phone cover, the delivery was also quick and I even got a complimentary Jimin PC😋 This was my first experience buying pcs and it was worth it!

Amazing quality 🫶🏼🤩

10/10 quality I’m so happy with my purchase !!!

Absolute best

Such splendid quality and incredible photos. Got exactly what I needed. Thank you.

They were really pretty and had cool quality. Thanks for such a good product.

Satisfied with what I got :)

Amazing quality would love to buy more next time IA

Minghao pc

The pc was in great condition no scratches or anything!

Minghao pc

The pc condition was great! thank u sm!!

BTS LYSY Weverse POB lenticular Frame

I received My percel on time , I Love it, thank you so much very good delivery service I'm very satisfied , thank you for the freebies 💜

Seungmin soundwave pob

I ordered this pc on cod and the delivery was so fast and very nicely packed. he came with pretty packaging and I was very pleased

Hyunjin Jyp shop pob

The pob came in perfect condition and I was very happy to be able to receive him !!

Membership card holder

I do love the packaging and the product very satisfying thank you for giving me the freebies 💜 I'll shop again 🫶 Borahe From BTS Army

Bookish Bliss: Pleased with its impressive quality.

My experience with the 'Attack on Titan' bookmarks has been fantastic. The delivery was quick, and the bookmarks themselves are not only visually appealing but also sturdy. They've added a unique touch to my reading routine, and I'm thoroughly satisfied with this purchase. They also send me the 'Howl’s Moving Castle Bookmark (1)' as a gift.